Liftup Basket PTJ018D

Liftup Basket PTJ018D

• The pull down basket.This product has four gears, can bear 0-12kg weight, choose different gear according to the good’s weight. In adjusting gear condition, the basket is in an easy-pushing & pulling status all the time, and it has automatic slow down function, when it fall down soon after the first slow down without any concussion, save time to taking goods and promise the basket and goods get no concussion.

• In the initial position, the basket is inside the cabinet, it can save space and does not affect the overall style and appearance of the cabinet.

• If you need to take or put goods, just need to pull the rod which down the basket lightly, the basket will fall down steadily, and you can take or put the goods very easily.

• The basket has double vibration attenuation function when it go back to the cabinet, just need to hold the rod and push gently, the basket can go back to the cabinet steadily without any vibration.

• The lifting of this elevator is ensured by the rigid link, the basket can stay steady and evenly no matter it stay in any position or push any part of the it.

• Afterburner decorative cover and side board are grey painted, basket frames chrome plated.


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