Aventos HK-XS Stay lift System (without hinges)

Aventos HK-XS Stay lift System (without hinges)

Code: 20K1101


For small wall cabinets

AVENTOS HK-XS is a smaller, cost-effective lift system for shallow wall cabinets, like those above refrigerators and pantries. Its variable stop feature allows the door to stay in any desired position, so it’s always within reach. The lift mechanism can also be used on one or both sides of the cabinet, making it a flexible option for many applications.

Cabinet dimensions

Cabinet height range – 9-3/8″ to 24″

Cabinet width range – up to 72″

Interior depth of at least 5″


Three lift mechanisms cover the entire range of cabinet heights and widths for AVENTOS HK-XS. This makes choosing and ordering hardware quick and easy.

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